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A clarion call to medical evangelism is due at this time. Thousands, yes, tens of thousands of people today are asleep to the condition of their spiritual and their physical health. They are far from the better way of life and do not sense their peril. Faithful watchmen are needed to point out the way of health and holiness - CME 5.1.

Literature Evangelism

Health Evangelism

Gospel Evangelism

Country Living Encouragement

Present Truth/Current Event Preaching

Medical Missionary Training/Projects

Medical Camp/Evangelistic Missions 

Home Sanitarium Project

Hello Friends. In 2017, our family received an urgent message. After seeing the things going on in the world today and seeing the things going on around us and even in our home, we were impressed to leave the lives we had. In faith, we as a family, decided to move to the country and heed the instructions God has for His last day people. 

We decided to document our physical experience along with the our walk and journey with God in hopes to encourage others who were walking in this same path. This was a blessing as we began to meet others who encouraged us as well after feeling so alone in this journey. Our ministry entails not only producing episodes on our youtube channel, but also inviting others to have a country living experience where we currently live. 
However, little did we realize the extent of the work we would do for The Lord. As we started learning, studying, and praying, we also started to apply what we learned to our ministry. Our ministry has reached many people around the world.  We are now involved  in health, literature, gospel, and friendship evangelism that we conduct in our own community, surrounding communities, places we visit, and in other countries. We have recently started making natural remedies and products to share with people we meet since we are all called to be medical missionaries in these last days. 

We are committed to producing more episodes for our country living segments including more property tours and testimonies, produce more natural products to share with those not in the faith as part of our health and friendship evangelism, and also our literature evangelism efforts. We will continue the work abroad in other countries spreading the gospel message in evangelistic series and free medical camps with our other self supporting ministry, Calvery International, Inc dba Hands that Heal Us. Also we will continue to work locally to provide training and serving those who are in need of better health.  We pray for God's leading to reach many more people to give them the present Truth messages that need to be heard in these last days.  God bless you all. 
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